Kid View: Maddigan’s Fantasia by Margret Mahy

Kid View: Maddigan’s Fantasia by Margret Mahy

Maddigan's Fantasia Book Cover Maddigan's Fantasia
Margaret Mahy
Adventure, Fantasy
Simon and Schuster
October 9, 2007

Maddigan's Fantasia by Margaret Mahy is a great book about a circus who has to get a solar converter to Solis. But not evverything goes their way, on their journey they encounter Timon and Eden who come from the future to try and change their lives and destiny. The Nennog from Timon and Eden's time can't get the converter or the brothers because who knows what he will do then. But people aren't always what they seem.


This book is pretty good, but some parts are little too long and drawn out, overall though I think it’s fairly interesting. In my opinion, the best part is when Garland meets Timon and Eden and found out about their secrets. My favorite character is Garland because she is very brave and never gives up no matter what, even though she is also very stubborn at times which is useful during her journey.


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