Kid View: Wildwood by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #1)

Kid View: Wildwood by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #1)

Wildwood Book Cover Wildwood
Colin Meloy
Adventure, Children's,Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades
Harper Collins
August 30, 2011
great book! I wish I could give it another half star

After Prue Mckeel’s baby brother mysteriously is abducted by crows, she and her friend Curtis find themselves deep in Wildwood to find him. But not long after they enter, they get split up and go down different paths. The Governess is growing more powerful by the minute. But now that she has Prue’s brother, she could become the most powerful person in all of the Wood. Will Prue and Curtis be able to stop her before it is to late?

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“Holding him flat against the Plinth with one hand, the Governess began her ritual”

With beautiful illustrations and a story to match, Wildwood glues your eyes to the book in wonder of what happens next. If you like fiction and fantasy books with a bit of suspense, this is the book for you. Being the first book in the Wildwood Chronicles, I would say it is a great story to kick off the series. However I feel the first half of the book wasn’t as exciting and action-packed as the the second half, but overall it was a great book. At the book’s heart it is about love, Prue cares a lot about her brother so she goes into the woods after him. This book puts an interesting twist on reality and fantasy. It shows that there can still be magic in the real world. With the beautiful illustrations by Carson Ellis that intertwine into the story, I think makes the setting very clear to the reader. Colin Meloy definitely makes you feel as if you were with Prue and Curtis on their wonderful and treacherous journeys. Overall I think this is a great book for all, kids, tweens, teens, and even adults!


Wildwood Prue walking on the bridgeWildwood The Governess going to the PlinthWildwood The Governess began her ritual


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