Kid View: Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #2)

Kid View: Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #2)

Under Wildwood Book Cover Under Wildwood
Wildwood Chronicles
Colin Meloy
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle grades, Children's
September 25, 2012


After returning to the outside, Prue can’t stop her mind from wandering into Wildwood. Having never left, Curtis is making his home with the bandits, deep in Wildwood. Curtis’s sisters on the other hand are being put in the orphanage when their parents find a lead of where their son might be. That’s not all…. sinister assassins are chasing the Bicycle Maiden, Prue, around. But when the time comes to fulfill a mission, Prue and Curtis must go under Wildwood.



Under Wildwood get out while you still can!



“Slowly, words began to scrawl across the glass as if drawn there by a finger.

GIRL, it read.

Zita caught her breath in her throat.



Under Wildwood is an exciting sequel to the Wildwood Chronicles. It’s a wonderful fantasy novel that keeps you on edge as the words create the world around you. Based in Portland and the magical Wood, the author combines a real city with a fantasy wood putting an interesting twist on the setting. There are many parts in the story that you’re thinking,”What’s going to happen next?” I think Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis do a great job at using both of their talents to create very clear but at the appropriate times, very fuzzy and mysterious plot. Suitable for readers age 10 and up because of the bit of violence and a few bad words, but overall a great book. My favorite part is when they first meet the moles under Wildwood and how the moles’ voices are so loud even though they are so small. I think it’s funny.😉 I haven’t read many books like this before but I will update the post if I find any related book suggestions.


Under Wildwood the strange wolf

Under Wildwood the elder mystic

Under Wildwood orphans revolting


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