Kid View: Wildwood Imperium by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #3)

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Kid View: Wildwood Imperium by Colin Meloy (Wildwood Chronicles, book #3)

Wildwood Imperium Book Cover Wildwood Imperium
Wildwood Chronicles
Colin Meloy
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades
February 4, 2014

Someone has awoken the Verdant Empress....and the only way to stop her and the ivy is her son. Twice  dead. Twice alive. Now he must live once more. Again it is up to Prue and Curtis to save the Wood. But that’s not all of their worries....from the mysterious disappearance of the Wildwood bandits to finding the long lost makers of Alexi- the twice dead boy- who hadn’t been seen after they were exiled. The time is running out.

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A satisfying conclusion to this action packed series. With a gripping ending in which you are hanging onto every word until “The End”….literally! Even with all the talking animals and magic, Colin Meloy makes it all seem very real. Geared toward ages 10+ because there are some bad words but overall it’s a great book. My favorite character is Prue because she is always focused on helping people and works for the greater good of the Wood. I really like how Colin Meloy uses parts of the real world, Portland, and mixes it with fantasy, in this case Wildwood, to create a really interesting twist on the story. And then with the addition of Carson Ellis‘s beautiful illustrations, the book creates a clear but mysterious movie that plays in your head as you quickly turn the pages. I think if you enjoy any type of fiction or fantasy, you will enjoy this book.
Wildwood Imperium Zita with the ivy

Wildwood Imperium ivy giants

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Wildwood Chronicles


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