Kid View: Well of Witches by J.A. White (The Thickety series, book #3)

Well of Witches front cover with grimiores

Kid View: Well of Witches by J.A. White (The Thickety series, book #3)

The Thickety: Well of Witches Book Cover The Thickety: Well of Witches
The Thickety series
J. A. White
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades, Creepy
Katherine Tegen Books
February 23, 2016

In the first book, a witch named Grace Stone put a curse on Kara and Taff Westfall's father. In order to save him, Kara and Taff have to go into the Well of Witches, a place where witches go after they use their Last Spell. To go to the Well of Witches without having used your Last Spell is very dangerous but having to smuggle a extremely powerful witch such as Grace out of the well is almost impossible. But trusting her is all they can do, she is the only one that can truly bring their father back.

Well of Witches front cover without book jacket


The Well of Witches is an amazing third book by J.A. White and I can’t wait until the fourth book comes out to make an epic conclusion to this breathtaking series. Like most books I read, this one is fantasy and fiction novel. I feel like the entire book sort of plays like a movie in your head while your reading so it seems really realistic and in depth. I feel like when the characters in a story are really complex and mysterious like this one they really give the book more detail that keeps you reading. I think the age this book is geared to is 11 and up because there is still a lot of violence and creepy parts in this incredible threequel. Most of this book is set in a place called the Well of Witches which I think is very creatively thought up, the entire well is made of paper! Also, the books all ended in suspense so I would literally finish the one book and then grab the next and keep going with the story. I love The Thickety series so much and I can’t wait until the The Last Spell come out in April 2017!
me with the Well of Witches


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