The Stonekeeper’s Curse by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet series, book #2)

The Stonekeeper's Curse front cover

The Stonekeeper’s Curse by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet series, book #2)

The Stonekeeper's Curse Book Cover The Stonekeeper's Curse
Kazu Kibuishi
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades, Graphic Novel
sooooooooooo good šŸ™‚

After saving their mother, Emily has to go to Demon's Head Mountain to find her a cure. Em meets Leon who offers to lead them there and helps her control her powers. But little do they know, Emily's greatest enemy is also heading to the same place. The battle has begun. Can Emily and her companions defeat the enemy?

The Stonekeeper's Curse walking house
The Stonekeeper’s Curse is a thrilling and truly wonderful fantasy graphic novel with mystery around every corner. Belonging to the Amulet series, I think this one is the best that I have read so far. I like this book because it has a very interesting range of characters from Emily (human) to talking trees to elves. The book is set in the present world but has many elements of magic. I truly think that any reader from the ages 8 to 13 would enjoy this book a lot. I think Kazu Kibuishi‘s fascinating illustrations really bring the story to life and the battles of good and evil start raging around you. My favorite part is when they are fighting with the robot because the illustrations with the amulet are beautiful. I definitely want to read Kazu’s Explorer series once I finish The Amulet. Overall The Amulet is a great series, that you should definitely read.
The Stonekeeper's Curse using the amulet


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