Kid View: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet series, book #7)

Firelight front cover

Kid View: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet series, book #7)

Firelight Book Cover Firelight
Amulet series
Kazu Kibuishi
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades, Graphic Novel
February 23, 2016

While Navin, Aly, and General Pil are trying to get to the Frontera. Emily, Trellis, and Gabilin go underwater to find Trellis's memories because it may be the only way they will be able to defeat the Elf King. But going into memories is dangerous and many lose control over their stone once they enter. Emily is a strong stonekeeper but inside the memories the Voice's influence may be to much for young Emily.



As of right now, Firelight is the last published book in the Amulet series. The eighth book is going to be published in 2018 but I don’t know about the ninth yet. This book is a wonderful and action-packed graphic novel that leaves you in suspense after you read the last page. My favorite character is Trellis because he is always working for the greater good and is willing to risk his life for others. Most of the book is set in a fantastical world that Navin and Emily find in the first book, a tiny part is set on Earth because it is Emily’s memory, but most of it is fantasy. I think if you are into reading fantasy or fiction or maybe a tiny bit creepy things or all of the above, you would definitely enjoy this book a lot. I also want to read Kazu Kibuishi‘s Explorer series (which are also graphic novels). If I was the author I think I would have done everything exactly the same, it was just so amazing! Overall I think it is a must-read for all fantasy fans!
Firelight going underwater to the memories


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