Kid View: The Third Coin by J.A. Howard

The Third Coin by J.A. Howard front cover

Kid View: The Third Coin by J.A. Howard

The Third Coin Book Cover The Third Coin
J. A. Howard
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
July 14, 2014

Bea's father has been looking for a very special coin for as long as she could remember but when he comes across a good lead he moves them to a rundown family owned house in New York. And Bea definitely isn't thrilled. Bea had been one of the popular girls at school before they had moved, but now starting at new school in New York is like starting back at square one. Surprisingly the Top Pops, as she calls them, seem to include her immediately. But there is a girl named Nisha who the other kids believe is a crazy freak with magical powers and believe it or not it might be true. At first Nisha didn't want to have anything to do with Bea but after Bea and her friend Indy come to Nisha's fortune-telling aunt they are stuck together on a dangerous mission to find the lost coin - the Third Coin.

The Third Coin by J.A. Howard with me


I loved this book so much, it’s definitely at the top of my favorites list! At the beginning it is hard to tell how the story would play out but J.A. Howard was just really setting the plot up for the scenes that lie ahead. And she did a great job, it was so hard to put down! Her writing is so awesome and really hope she will write more middle grades novels!
The Third Coin is a fantasy novel about three kids, Bea, Nisha, and Indy, who search for a magical, lost coin. My favorite character is Bea because she is always trying to keep their team together and is almost always working for the greater good. The way the book is written has a very creative and interesting mix between real life and fiction, that really sucks you into the pages as you read. At the book’s heart it is truly about friendship because in order for them to find the coin they must work together and help each other through rough spots. I also like how J.A. Howard twists her own story with the legends of King Arthur to create more surprises for the rest book. There isn’t a sequel for this book but I think she has so many different ideas to work with she could easily create another book or three. 🙂  Overall I think this book was totally amazing and I hope she writes tons more books!
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