Bay Area Book Festival 2017!

Bay Area Book Festival selfie with book booths and tons of books

Bay Area Book Festival 2017!

This was the first time we had ever gone to the Bay Area Book Festival and it was a fantastic book event! As we expected, it was right up our alley. Books. Authors. Signings. More books. Booths. Foodtrucks. Even more Books! I was in book heaven! Even though there weren’t too many middle grades books there, it was still totally epic. And I am definitely going to go back next year!
Bay Area Book Festival, Cornelia Funke
The first author we went to watch speak was….Cornelia Funke! So cool! She was very inspiring and seemed like a very interesting person in the way she talked about her books, life, and the world. And I mean she is pretty famous in the book universe (a place where bookworms live, such as you and me…by the way, I just made up the book universe two seconds ago. You’re welcome.). Anyway, she was totally awesome!!
Bay Area Book Festival, Worlds We Create featuring Traci Chee, Lisa Maxwell,Shannon Messenger, and Amy Tinera, moderated by Alex Green
The second talk we went to was called Worlds We Create: Young Adult Fantasy Writers on Creating Alternate Realities and Memorable Characters. The authors who were talking were Traci Chee, Lisa Maxwell, Shannon Messenger, and Amy Tinera. All of their books sounded really interesting and I probably just added another five to ten books to my goodreads to-read list just sitting there. That’s never good.Ā They were talking about how they create worlds and characters for their books, and what books they’ve written. But mostly they talked about how they create everything that goes into their books. It was very interesting and inspiring!
Afterward, we bought a book from each author and waited in line to get them all signed. It literally (not literally) took forever! But in the end it was worth it. šŸ™‚
Bay Area Book Festival The Reader signed with Traci Chee and me
Here I just got the novel, The Reader, signed by Traci Chee. I totally want to read this book as soon as possible! Also the second book to theĀ Sea of Ink and Gold series is coming out inĀ November 7th 2017.
Bay Area Book Festival getting Let The Wind Rise signed with Shannon Messenger and me
And this is me with…..Shannon Messenger! I got the third book to the Sky Fall series, Let the Wind Rise, signed. For a long time now, I have been wanting to read her other series, Keeper of Lost Cities, and now that I saw her speak at the festival, I have decided I will read them this summer. As for the Sky Fall series, I will read them either this summer or sometime this year! Shannon Messenger is so cool!


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