Kid View: Dream Magic by Joshua Khan (Shadow Magic series, book #2)

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Kid View: Dream Magic by Joshua Khan (Shadow Magic series, book #2)

Dream Magic Book Cover Dream Magic
Shadow Magic series
Joshua Khan
Adventure, Creepy, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle grades
April 11, 2017

In Gehenna there are so many things going wrong, a new dark force is rising, entire village are found deserted overnight, crazy spiders coming from the sky, a giant troll army marching toward them from their camps, and much, much more. With everyone who could be useful gone, it's up to 13 year old Lily and Thorn to find out what sorcerers are doing it and stop them before Lily is left to rule a deserted island if she even survives.... and by the looks of it no one will live.


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The second book to the thrilling Shadow Magic series will captivate the reader and transport them to another dimension where they can feel the story happening as though they were the characters. Dream Magic is about Lily and Thorn once again focused on saving the world, except this time the attack is coming from the sky. Great book! Five stars! And I would recommend it to anyone or, everyone for that matter, over the age of 10 because some parts are a bit too intense for young middle grade readers. But other than that I’d say it is a must-read! And once again there are many laugh aloud parts, not only Thorn and Gabriel, but many other characters as well. OK, fine, it is mostly Thorn and Gabriel, and I will admit, I think they are about the most humorous characters in the entire series but whatever. I think the part that makes them so especially funny is the fact that they are basically sworn enemies, but the twist is most of the time they have to put with each other, and the other portion of the time they have save each other (well that’s not completely true, Thorn has to save Gabriel. Gabriel probably wouldn’t even care if Thorn died), but since Gabriel is the duke’s son, Thorn has to. Anyways as I as saying, you should totally read this book if haven’t, you will love it!
I love this series so much! It is one of the best series I’ve read this year so good job Joshua Khan! Let’s have a round of applause for Khan! (and if you can’t tell, I clapping as well) I think the thing I love about it the most is how the story doesn’t really give you many hints about what will happen next until you see it for yourself. So it lets your imagination run free through all the possibilities of what could happen next.
These are the first books Joshua Khan has written, but I really, really hope he writes more novels. Preferably middle grade or young adult (that I could read in a year or two). But I’m on to let you in on a secret…. he is writing another book to the Shadow Magic series that comes out April 2018! As of right now, it is called Burning Magic! I’m so excited! Anyway he is a great author and I just love his writing soooooooooo much. And I think these books are a must-read for older middle grade readers or young adult readers who love a good satisfying book.
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