Kid View: The Last Spell by J.A. White (Thickety series, book #4)

The Last Spell by J.A. White front cover

Kid View: The Last Spell by J.A. White (Thickety series, book #4)

The Last Spell Book Cover The Last Spell
The Thickety series
J. A. White
Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grades, Creepy
Katherine Tegen Books
April 4, 2017
Such a great finale to the series!

Long ago when the first grimoire was made, it was named Vukera and it was given to a very greedy princess. She was controlled by the book and it is said to be the most powerful grimoire of all time. But it got split into four sections called grims. Now to finish the evil Spider queen once and for all, Kara and Taff and their unexpected companion, will have to search far and wide to gather the grims to complete the Vukera one last time.


The Last Spell by J.A. White picture page part three



The Last Spell is the long awaited conclusion to the Thickety series. It soared way over my expectations! It was amazing! The story had me gripping onto every word and wondering what was going to happen next. I’m not joking, there were many times where I would find myself saying come on! You can do it! and stuff like that either out loud or in my head. Something about the story just gets to you, and makes you care for the characters as if they’re your best friends. I think if I described this book as anything below great, it would be the understatement of the century.
A beautiful sorceress with eyes like cracked glass. Entire town destroyed overnight. -J.A. White, The Last Spell
The Last Spell is about Taff and Kara who will have to journey far and wide for the grims that very well could decide their future and everyone else’s in the blink of an eye. This can easily be the most enchanting and nerve-racking book that I’ve read ever! I’d say it is perfect for readers 11 and up because there is definitely some gory battles and deaths and some very well-loved characters make sacrifices for others (so sad). But other than that it is an amazing book/conclusion to this great, fantastic, interesting, enchanting, funny, heart-breaking, ect. (I just put, ect., so you wouldn’t get too bored). For most of the book the main characters, Kara and Taff, spend their time looking for the grims to put the Vulkera together again. But don’t worry they have many little adventures along the way, some involving, a dog that can stop time, a terrible incident with a grim guardian, a greedy Querin, and more.
Me holding the Thickety #4, The Last Spell
This is such a great series, and I just don’t know how J.A.White comes up with all this amazing stuff. And I just want to say, that I am really glad he became a middle grade writer and I really hope with all of my heart, he starts writing a new book or series that I can look forward to.
The Last Spell by J.A. White spine without book jacket


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