Kid View: Feel the Fear by Lauren Child (Ruby Redfort series, book #4)

Feel the Fear by Lauren Child Ruby Redfort series front cover

Kid View: Feel the Fear by Lauren Child (Ruby Redfort series, book #4)

Feel the Fear Book Cover Feel the Fear
Ruby Redfort series
Lauren Child
Adventure, Mystery, Fiction, Middle Grades, Creepy
November 18,2014
Totally epic book!

How do you catch a thief who isn’t there?
Ruby Redfort has a lot of reasons to feel confident. Undercover agent, code cracker, thirteen-year-old genius—she’s one fearless kid, buster. Unmasking an evil villain? Done. Honing her parkour skills by climbing skyscrapers and leaping across roofs? All in a day’s work. Heeding the warning signs? Well, not so much. When a ghostly foe begins stealing from the highest buildings in Twinford, Ruby Redfort is ready to defy death one more time to capture the bandit. But fearlessness can lead to taking risks, which can land a person in very serious trouble. While Ruby may think she’s invincible, there’s truth to the saying that recklessness always comes before a fall.

Feel the Fear by Lauren Child Ruby Redfort series book #4 me and the book


Feel the Fear is yet another marvelous and well thought out novel by Lauren Child. It is a science fiction and mystery story that will leave you always thinking what’s going to happen next. Feel the Fear is the fourth book to the Ruby Redfort series (by the way this is about the best mystery series I’ve ever read!)
Feel the Fear by Lauren Child Ruby Redfort series book #4 without book jacket
Feel the Fear is geared more towards the age 12 this time just because of the there are a bit more intense themes and concepts, such as a possible act of suicide to a little known character, someone who is trying to avenge them by killing a actress, and stuff like that. But i think other than that it is the second best book in the series and I absolutely loved every second of it. Especially because it had all the dark stuff, it was just so much more appealing to me.
Feel the Fear by Lauren Child Ruby Redfort series book #4 back cover with book jacket
The main characters in the book are Ruby Redfort (obviously), Clancy Crew  (my personal favorite), The invisible skywalker guy, and the agents at the Spectrum HQ. I know what you’re thinking, how in the world do a 13 year old Ruby, and her best friend Clancy, get thrown in with an invisible, tightrope-walking criminal, and secret agents? Well, let me explain, Ruby Redfort is a secret agent trainee for the Spectrum HQ and even though it is suposesd to be top secret meaning, nobody not even her closest friends can know, but she tells Clancy anways. And now we’re to the skywalker, there have been a bunch of very mysterious crimes involving a invisible tightrope-walker and so Ruby and many other Spectrum agents have to figure out who it is.
I absolutely loved this book and I’ve literally recommended this book to all of my friends. Great job Lauren!


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