Kid View: Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child (Ruby Redfort series, book #5)

Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child front cover

Kid View: Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child (Ruby Redfort series, book #5)

Pick Your Poison Book Cover Pick Your Poison
Ruby Redfort
Lauren Child
Adventure, Middle Grades, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery
Candlewick Press
April 11, 2017


Ruby Redfort: You can count on her if you're between a rock and a hard place. A bite from a poisonous snake? Pass me the anti-venom. Need someone to take the fall? You don't even have to ask. Stay one step ahead of trouble? Not so easy. There are always snakes to look out for, but they aren't half as poisonous as the rumors floating around Twinford. Will Ruby pull through in one piece?


When trouble is out to get you and being smart is not enough, do you run like crazy, or is it time to brush up on your martial arts?



Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child without book jacket




This book was amazing just like the rest of the Ruby Redfort series. I don’t know how Lauren Child does it, but every one of her books were amazing. I think my favorite part about the book is how Ruby has so many mysteries to solve from her mom’s dress to everything else, because I was always in suspense.


Rule 1_ You can never be completely sure what might happen next. _Ruby Redfort, Pick Your Poison


For me, this series has really nudged me into reading more mystery books and I truly believe the everyone around the age of 12 would enjoy this book very much. I think everyone should try out this series at least once (but two or three times couldn’t hurt).


Me and Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child


Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child first page



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