Kid View: The Handbook by Jim Benton

The Handbook by Jim Benton front cover

Kid View: The Handbook by Jim Benton

The Handbook Book Cover The Handbook
Jim Benton
Fiction, Middle Grades, Humor, Mystery
Scholastic Press
September 26, 2017


Jack likes to pick around in other people's trash... Mike is a daredevil... Maggie makes faces. And their parents hate it! So when Jack finds a discarded handbook in their neighbors garbage, the kids might be able to manipulate their parents and allowing them to make the rules.


At first it is all fun and games but as they mess around with the book, they discover some very important secret stuff. And now trouble is heading there way and who knows if they can dodge it.



The Handbook by Jim Benton page 3, For Griffin and Summer, who would never try to manipulate me.




This book was really funny and good. Regularly I probably wouldn’t have picked this book up and read it but it was actually really good. The Handbook was recently sent to me by Jim Benton’s agency (which was super cool!). At first I thought it would be a little bit too young for me since I’m right in between middle grade and young adult. But actually it was perfect and I really enjoyed it!


Jim Benton has a really good sense of humor and The Handbook has very interesting descriptions for certain things. A good example of this is on page 8 it says, “throw open the front door, and start howling like a baboon with its tail caught in a lawn mower.” That is just great! I was laughing about that for a long time!


I recommend this book to every kid around the age of 10 to 12. It is really good!


The Handbook by Jim Benton page 91 The Face-Making Strategy



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