Kid View: Renegades by Marissa Meyer (Renegades series, book #1)

Renegades by Marissa Meyer spine and front cover

Kid View: Renegades by Marissa Meyer (Renegades series, book #1)

Renegades Book Cover Renegades
Renegades series
Marissa Meyer
Young Adult, Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction,
Feiwel & Friends
November 7, 2017
OMG! so good!

The Renegades are supposed to protect everyone. But they never came when she needed them most. Nova was six and her family was killed that night because the Renegades never came. So now ten years later she hates the Renegades - no, more than that - she loathes them. She's been living with her uncle's villain gang.
So when a opportunity rises, she goes on a mission to take down the Renegades once and for all. But things get complicated as she gets closer to accomplishing her goal. Especially when she meets this boy named Adrian who is a Renegade. He believes in justice but also in Nova. They both are hiding big secrets inside. How long can they keep it to themselves?

Renegades by Marissa Meyer front cover


Renegades by Marissa Meyer is an amazing book! Five stars! It is a very intense and action packed novel for ages 12 and up and I loved every second of it. There is never a down moment.
You can never decide what’s right and what’s wrong. And Nova can’t seem to decide either. At the beginning of the book, she wants nothing to do with the Renegades but then she starts to like them and even starts to develop feelings for this one boy in particular, but by the end she want to kill them all.
One cannot be brave who has no fear. _Marissa Meyer, Renegades
Half of this book is set in a villain’s perspective (Nova) and the other half is in a Renegade’s perspective (Adrian). Nova wants revenge and Adrian wants justice. Both have secrets that will sooner or later spill over. How long can they keep them to themselves?
Renegades by Marissa Meyer inside cover quote
Every book by Marissa Meyer I’ve read so far, I have absolutely loved, so coming into this book I had very high expectations. But that didn’t stop me. This book is just amazing!
Also, I just learned there’s another book!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! So, Renegades is officially the first book in the Renegades series.
Renegades by Marissa Meyer and me


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