Kid View: The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (Magisterium series, book #4)

The Sliver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare front cover

Kid View: The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (Magisterium series, book #4)

The Silver Mask
Magisterium series
Holly Black, Cassandra Clare,
Fiction, Middle Grades, Creepy, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery
Scholastic Press
October 10, 2017
amazing book!


Callum Hunt had been on his third year at the Magisterium school when he was accused for killing his best friend, Aaron, and having the feared Evil Lord's soul. So after his two other best friends bust him out of that dreaded prison, they almost make it to safety when they are once again captured. Call, Tamara, and Jasper are brought to Constantine Madden's old house where Call is influenced to turn to the dark side. What could be worse than being in the house of the person you're trying so hard not to be?


Then they ask one more thing of him which just may be the thing that breaks Callum Hunt forever: Bring Aaron back from the dead...



The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare chapter five




The fourth book by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare is a nerve racking addition to the Magisterium series. Out of all the Magisterium books it wasn’t the best one, but even though I was hoping for something a little more creepy, I enjoyed it a lot (still 5 stars). I really liked how Holly and Cassandra made the world seem like Call and his friends were able to leave but not, at the same time. And how when you think that the group of friends made a correct choice, there is always another reason why it’s not.


Your restless soul was never meant to have peace _Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, The Silver Mask quote image


The Silver mask is about Callum Hunt (after he escapes from prison) and his friends. They get kidnapped and sent, again, to a prison island. This time, though they’re trapped because they are waiting for Call to turn himself into the the dark side so he can lead them. Call has been trying hard to fight the Evil lord inside of him but being in the Constantine Madden’s old house and constantly being influenced to turn on his friends and family, Call isn’t sure how much longer he can fight it.

The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and me

Overall, this is an amazing book and I am dying to read the next one, The Golden Tower! Too bad it doesn’t come out until September 2018. I guess I’ll have to wait. This is an amazing series for middle grades or young adult! And I think everyone should give it a try.


The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare without book jacket



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