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BeautifulBook.Club is a place to find beautiful books inside and out. From wonderful stories to vivid imagery, we scour bookstores and libraries hoping to find the best books and share them with you.

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about Xavier

Hi my name is Xavier, my mom and I started this site when I was ten (I’m thirteen now). I began working on this site because I love to read so much and I always give my friends ideas for books they should read. Click here to see a list of my favorites books. Most of my days are spent at school, on the bus, or doing homework. When I find a little down time I like to draw, listen to music, sing, play ukulele or bass guitar.

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about angela

I'm one of those people who loves the experience of physical books and bookstores. Plus my daughter LOVES to read so we decided to put this site together to share these passions with others who feel the same. <3

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