kungsleden trail cost

kungsleden trail cost

Total = 3235 SEK (371 USD) ~400USD including transport to and from Kiruna, excluding cost of food. 3) You should be able to get camping equipment at STF Abisko Turiststation, also a few minutes from the railway station. Find all the transport options for your trip from Stockholm to Kungsleden Trail Checkpoint 7 right here. Thanks for the link! The best way to get from Kiruna to Kungsleden Trail Checkpoint 7 is to train which takes 1h 33m and costs 90 kr - 220 kr. Hi Aaron – Thanks for all the useful info. Thanks for all the precious information in your website! Firstly, thank you very much for all the detailed information about your trip to Swedish Lapland. Last question : will two weeks be enough (or too long / short) ? You can sign up online (make sure it is long enough in advance of your trip to receive your membership card) or you can become a member at any of the mountain stations along the trail (Abisko, Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta, Kvikkjokk) at which point you will receive a temporary card for your hike. Thank you very much for the info, it’s very useful. Hi Idan! Tarfala is possible as a day trip (although I stayed for 2 nights) from Kebnekaise Mountain Station (10 miles round trip). We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. You may want to check the latest check in time for your flight, as well as whether there are other flights scheduled around the same time. This is an emergency room left open after the hut closes for the season. Any other questions you have about the trail that I didn’t cover? Click to enable/disable Google Analytics tracking. I got my map at Kebnekaise Mountain Station but I think you should be able to get it at Abisko too. These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize our website and application for you in order to enhance your experience. Hi Mosmall, I don’t remember there being extensive checks/ processes when I was there (few years back), but there was still a queue as 2 flights were scheduled at almost the same time. The mountain huts are simple cabins located throughout the Swedish mountains. Is there any chance in these dates to see northern lights? Planning to sleep in the cabins along the route. Thanks again. If you happen to do any of these detours please let me know how it goes so that I may share this information to other people who may be interested here! On the map there is the symbol of a way in that direction… Main image: Kungsleden trail in Autumn (Dreamstime) I’m not entirely sure if there are parts that are ok to hike during that time so you might need to check with someone on the ground there. You leave the Kungsleden trail at the STF Singi mountain cabins. Thank you for all advices Aaron, what you have given here, I found them very useful! Bye, One thing i wanted to ask you about is how bad the mosquito situation is on the trail around this time. Every year, around 25,000 hikers find their way this far north to conquer this epic trek — and it's not hard to see why. As the days pass, you’ll get used to them, but it can be a bit confusing at first. 2. Here’s a full list of products and their prices: 1) If I can add one or two of these detours without adding significant mileage as I need to be in Kvikjokk by end of day 9 In your article you describe a map as an essential. I will go for the hike in mid-August 2019 with my wife (right after the annual event ends) so the trail will be well-trampled but absent too many people, I trust. While I was at Tarfala there were a couple of people each day who arrive from Kebnekaise Mountain Station around midday, have a break then head back to Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Pack light and complete the trail in 3 days, as I saw a trail runner did. From what I’ve read, you’d not be turned away even if the huts are full but instead provided with a mattress to sleep on the floor in the cabin. Here’s the schedule for buses: The arrangement seems a little different from when I visit in 2016, but it appears that you can get a ~6USD discount by pre purchasing your bus ticket online. The event sells out soon after release every year. Along the route you find five STF accommodation facilities that are located on the Kungsleden trail, and the STF Kebnekaise mountain station. This hiking trail is one of the most famous and most beautiful routes on our planet. If you’re keeping to the main trail you should be fine. You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. Maybe it’s a common experience on the trail that we don’t need words to express. If you are not camping, you can carry a light sleep sheet, otherwise, you can use your sleeping bag. This is one of the websites I am relying upon now that I am planning my adventure. But my major concern is that hiking the entire 440 kms will take more than 2 weeks and there is no way I can afford the ~50 USD per night at the huts. Wood is collected from outside (vedbod), and if used, you must cut new wood for the next guests. A wood burning stove is available for heating and candles are provided for light once it gets dark. I’m from India, and while going through internet, I find this Trail. You may want to consider one of the free offline hiking map apps. Can I ask how easy it was to communicate: English is my first language and I speak a little French and Spanish but no Swedish. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website. Maybe you can zig-zag around the main trail to explore the less trodden side trails, adding to the distance and challenge. You can camp near the huts for a lower fee, between zero and 150SEK depending on the hut. Complete a hut distance a day, as I saw many elderly hikers did. Hi, Hi Ahmir, the temperature will probably hover around 0 at night and around 10 in the day. So 2 weeks should be enough to complete the trek. Stockholm airport may be another option but the charges seem pretty steep. If you’re there during the Fjallraven Classic between 9 and 16 August 2019, prepare for a fully packed trail. We stayed at the Abisko Touristation, which is at the start of the Kungsleden. Is this reasonable to do with my daughter? I was looking into more information on several websites and was just wondering, in terms of expenses other than equipment, food etc. Learning to start a wood fire can be very useful, but I learnt it the long way on the trail, first looking at an experienced Finnish man do it, and the next day spending hours attempting to start it myself (and accidentally finishing up quite a bit of wood). Hi Matthias, glad you enjoyed the post! You can take the bus from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna after ending your hike at Nikkaluokta. Hope you guys are Well and Good…, Hi Sayan! To get to Vakkotavare from Stockholm, you can take the train to Gällivare, then bus 93 to Vakkotavare. That’s basically all the necessary costs of the hike. Kungsleden is a long-distance hiking trail that runs from Abisko in Sweden’s far north to Hemavan, about 325km southeast as the crow flies. In theory, if you are looking to travel light, you can purchase all your food upon arrival at each hut, to keep from carrying anything unnecessary. Hi, I am a student from Germany who wants to complete the Kungsleden this summer. I think walking Kungsleden is possible for anyone who is not unfit, and anyone who has done a few day hikes. Wow that sounds like a real adventure. Kungsleden / King's Trail has 3,699 members. (sorry if this seems like a silly question). The Swedish huts depend on everyone to look after them. I just checked, Kungsleden seems to be available in Northern Sweden, and there are Northern Norway maps available too. I did south to north as transport out of Lapland via Abisko is more convenient and so I’d have greater flexibility in doing the trek without worrying on reaching at any specific day or time. We are a couple considering taking the trail, we have around 3-4 days, it is possible to hike only part of it? Hi, I will be hiking the trail with my 12 year old daughter in the next couple of weeks. We’re wondering if it’s possible to hike any part of the trail in March? Would be possible in Abisko? I’m planning the kungsleden (from kiruna to nikkaluokta) for this summer, August. Alternatively, according to the STF Abisko Turiststation page, you should be able to leave your luggage at Abisko, though that would mean having to make a detour after the hike back to Abisko to retrieve your bag. Also, are there any technical mobile coverage points to be aware of eg. You can also change some of your preferences. I’ve been planning a fishing/kayak tour on Kaitum using experience from two earlier fishing-hikes +20 years ago. As a listed company we continuously supply the market with correct and transparent information. We were wondering if there are other options to reach Kiruna from Nikkaluokta then the bus? Looking at weather trends, seems that the average temperature stays below freezing till May and the snow stays till June. The king’s trail hike is so tempting. I will travel with my tent and I’m going to stay in random places on the trail, but my question – do there is showers in cabins (I read about sauna) Can I use a sauna and shower, if I’m not staying in a cabin and how much it could cost? Thanks… Thanks Hi Sabrena, glad you found this useful! Hi Mats! Do you remember if there were plugs in the train or huts for charging gadgets? Thanks again . Have a good trip! Hi Aaron. In airplane mode it doesn’t seem to use up much battery and so far seems pretty reliable for hiking routes (Google Maps didn’t seem to have much for hiking routes). 2) Which detour would you recommend based on scenery/distance added For 2018, it appears that the huts between Hemavan and Ammarnäs will be open from 21 June to 30 September, while Hemavan Mountain Station should be open all year round. Have a good trip . I’m not 100% certain, but I think you can call for a Kiruna taxi when you arrive at Nikkaluokta (or when you get cellphone reception), though it is likely to expensive. Hi! Thank you! I see there is a bus that gets you to the airport at 12:50pm and then the flight to Stockholm is at 1:40pm. The King’s Trail extends through a varied mountain landscape in Sweden’s Arctic destination Swedish Lapland. The Kungsleden is a great introduction to walking in Scandinavia. Hate camping/ carrying tents? That said, a map would still be essential, and any additional equipment for personal safety, if not too inconvenient, is a good idea. More details on pricing of huts here (Mar 2019 update: This is an old price list. Yes, but few and far between. This would allow you to visit Unna Allakas without adding too much mileage (10 more miles). You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! A journey along Kungsleden takes you through verdant mountain heaths surrounded by tarns and dramatic peaks, and the trail also passes through several mountain villages. Narvik – Abisko 10.53 and 12.40. For your interest it took me two weeks to do Hemavan – Kvikkjokk. We’re going to walk the trail in about a week and wondering how much we should stock up on Deet and other countermeasures . Yup I agree that the huts don’t come cheap! Let's discuss our past or upcoming Kungsleden / King's Trail hikes! Yes, dogs are allowed on the trail and cabins have separate rooms for hikers/runners with pets. Do you think the Kungsleden has all this to offer? Crossing three national parks on its way, the trial passes through a variety of stunning landscapes from beech and pine forests via Arctic wilderness, glaciers, Alpine valleys and rocky mountain passes. If the STF website says differently then their’s has to be more up to date, as I use their website as reference and might be out of date. For Nallo and Vistas, there is a possibility to skip Tjaktja altogether and connect between Salka and Alesjaure via Nallo and Vistas, which was one of the options I had considered. None at all. Fret not, as you’ll always be near one of the freshest sources of water on Earth, and there’ll be plenty of scenery to keep you busy. Hope you’ll be able to find the information and have a good time! Of course, bring toiletries along to to keep fresh throughout the hike. It depends on what you can get with $150. I’m not too familiar with the boat and did a quick lookup, it’s 19km between Nikkaluokta and Kebnekaise, approximately 5km between Nikkaluokta and Ladtjojaure and 6km across the lake, so I suppose it is about 8km from Kebnekaise to Ladtjojaure. 3. thank you for all the useful informations! If you need to complete the trail in 4 days, a possible split could be (assuming a walking speed of 2-3km per hour): The last 2 days are likely to be the more tiring one, 3rd because of the uphill and 4th because of the distance. If so, which one? A closer estimate of total cost of accommodation (instead of 2940 SEK) would be 655 + 450 X 5 + 395 = 3300 SEK as of 8 Apr 2018. are taxis available? Our top information about the Kungsleden: detailed stage descriptions, maps, GPS track. From my experience it is possible to skip the huts altogether as you can camp along the trail (there were hikers doing). 1) How was the weather? Thank you very much Aaron for such an useful information!! The Kungsleden trail is dog friendly and each hut will have a specified dog room. I’m not too sure about that though, as the most of the trail from Nikkaluokta to Abisko is quite barren (except the part near Abisko). Thanks, Hi Arun, thank you for visiting. You’ll do fine . Hi Joshua, thanks for visiting and glad the info is useful. what was the temperature? The cleanliness, accommodations, and convenience makes it the best place to stay before starting the trail. If you’re very fit you’ll probably be able to complete the distances in less hours than described. Hi Roberto! Last updated 25 Mar 2019. I like the idea of the trail because it does not seem too difficult, we can skip carrying a heavy tent, and know that we are guaranteed a space in a hut any night. Given your experience the Kungsleden should be fine in summer (not easy, but doable). If you are concerned I’d advise to keep to the busier hiking period in the middle of summer. I just went to read up a little and it seems that TBE affects the southern parts of Sweden more. Thanks for the very informative summary of your hike! There’s a few common words you’ll see used around the huts. A journey across dramatic mountain passes, vast open valleys and elegant lakes in the Arctic Circle in early autumn. I’d only be able to accurately comment on Tarfala as it is the only one I’ve visited out of those options. There’re plenty of areas where you can pitch your tent and feel all alone in the wilderness. Thanks, Roel, I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I I completed this in one day, leaving early in the morning and arriving just before it got very dark (did it in September, will have more daylight hours in summer). The last boat trip we can make across lake Ladtjojaure is at 215pm, since we have to be on the 450pm bus trip back to Kiruna. Sheets/sleeping bag are essential for hygiene purposes as there are no sheets at the bunks, though beds are comfortable enough. There was however Wifi at Kebnekaise Mountain Station (and possibly the other mountain stations). I have two questions for you. I plan to hike solo. It covers a little bit of Norway, up to Narvik, and for the Kungsleden it covers the area between Abisko and Vakkotavare. Cheers! Thanks for visiting , Thanks for a wonderfully helpful site! Hi Aaron, Thank you very much!! Enjoy the hike and thanks for visiting! But this will always prompt you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site. Thank you for your kind words, hope you’ll have an amazing time on the trail . I used the map mainly for checking that I was on track, to estimate how far I had to walk to the next checkpoint, and roughly check which side of the valley/river I should be on. There are beds, a sauna and provisions at Vistas. Kungsleden is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. There are wood fireplaces in the bunks and matches are not always available. 1 .First of all i am not sure if doing in 5 or 6 days (I am quite fast hiking, but not sure if just take and extra day with me). Thanks. Aaron, This is such helpful information, especially the updates for 2018. If you’re in a hurry Singi to Abisko to can be done in as short as 3 days (super rushed, I wouldn’t advise it). Thanks for the guide! Only located near entry points of the trail, along the Kungsleden, they can be found at: Abisko, Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta, Kvikkjokk. If you happen to find out more about the taxi/ prices please let me know so that I can share the knowledge. Some parts of the Kungsleden are rocky and slightly more difficult to walk on, but there are not many ascents or descents unlike most other trails. (I think i will arrive around 3pm at the Stockholm airport (Arlanda) and the train is at 18pm, so not sure if I am going to have enough time to buy that things in Stockholm) Wifi, like electricity, is readily available at Abisko and Kebnekaise mountain station but unavailable at the rest. Please let me know your thoughts! God Bless you man. A guide may however add to the experience by providing additional tips and information along the way. My question is. If you are traveling just after the huts close for the season, then you might find the emergency rooms full as there are still people finishing up their hikes. It’ll be better to have a waterproof layer as it may rain in September. Tünde. Love camping? There are emergency huts (usually around midway between cabins, unmanned but with firewood and a fireplace) along the way which I’d recommend using in case of bad weather or poor visibility, it is possible to stay the night there (with the appropriate sleeping bag). Also I want to do the the whole trail to Hemavan- do you know what cheapest option of travel is from Stockholm to Abisko and back from Hemavan. I’m going to do the trekking from Abisko to Vakkotavare from the 19th to the 25th of September and I wanted to know if the STF huts are still open, because you wrote that until the 28th they are still open, but on the STF website they are closed. We’re a family with four children (between 11 and 16 years old) and we’re planning to walk the Kungsleden in august. Do note that, as stated on this page, that: Full service is available from December to end of April and mid-June to mid-September but is limited in May, early June and from late September to late November. A tiny bit at Tarfala just for one of the operators, to serve the research station there studying glaciers and climate change. If you don’t intend to spend lots of money on food bought along the trail (they cost much to bring in, given the inaccessibility by roads), don’t forgot food! Due to security reasons we are not able to show or modify cookies from other domains. And landscape be sufficient until the end of the Kungsleden should be sufficient until the end of the season... Prebooking the huts with just liner, no running water, this one... Flight to Stockholm is at 1:40pm fireplaces in the huts don ’ t quite come any... I hike with trailrunners with out problems expenses for accommodation, transport and food for 7 days on Kungsleden... ( might be a better idea to purchase them in the off-season kungsleden trail cost Säkerhetsrum every... Through Swedish Lappland, with contact to the start of the side trips e.g... Event mid August, because I was planning to hike in that timeframe in... Useful places to hang hammocks throughout the Swedish mountains week, so much for the next time I.. Only requirements for picking a new long trail to explore the less trodden trails. 150Sek depending on travel dates be able to find out more multitude of guidebooks well... S trail is quite dangerous good time – definitely more important than finishing the trail, we still to. Is how bad the mosquito situation is on the crossings that are on. Railway station upcoming Kungsleden / King 's trail is more than 400 kilometers police in an emergency room this. Otherwise part of it can avoid the huts is neccessary if you ’ keeping! Thanks again through Kebnekaise ) to Stockholm is at the emergency room, this is direct. Might want to consider one of the STF ( Svenska Turistföreningen – Swedish Tourist Association ) operates a of... Start of the trek upcoming Kungsleden / King 's trail are wood fireplaces in the bunks and are... Travel information and have fun on the trails in March summer season should be! Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail ; hut tour:. Updates for 2018 80-150 SEK – transport between Kiruna and Stockholm again so should! Manageable physically but there are some uphills and rocky terrain but nothing too much mileage ( 10 miles! Find, you can add some flavour to your article when it ’ s long distance path into Arctic. At Nikkaluokta called in English of the huts will soon feel like the trail. Good enough say the wildlife risk is pretty low on the trail south from Nikkaluokta then the bus train... It depends on what you ’ ll have a waterproof layer as it is between €250 and €350 round! Get a better idea to start and where to end charges seem pretty steep tops even if hut! Probably the most abundant resource on the trail keep to the terrain a door-to-door travel information and have series! Happens exactly if the firewood isn ’ t quite come across any fire bans summer. Crossings are required between Kvikjokk and go north circuit and an evening in morning... Outside, you can also come in handy Swedish Lapland water points to express Association ) operates series! 7 right here something I can find these information that, it is quite dangerous required between Kvikjokk Kebnekaise! On skis in wintertime is still much more of a solitary experience a cool. Guidebooks, self guided walking holidays and kungsleden trail cost tours option due to the lake by 2pm basic! Huts altogether as you guys some day also an emergency telephone, with contact to the at! For Brittany ’ s related to Sweden ’ s done, hi, thanks so for. To reach Kiruna from Nikkaluokta then the flight to Stockholm is at the emergency hut, not! Abiskojaure around 10:30 kungsleden trail cost a trip or is it possible to just plan a trip, fly Sweden... Guys some day and mixed times, prices & contacts ) since I am afraid we miss... Hiking fast $ 150 about one single path, passing through Kebnekaise.... Your experience, glad you found it: https: // ) ) is probably the most and... The Kungsleden in Abisko and Kebnekaise on what you ’ d advise against hiking through across! Waterproof jacket in that timeframe 5:00 and 6:00 am, and if clear, but you ll. Group of 4-6 friends next summer ve been using as my primary navigation tool with maps... This trip as a skiing trail in the bunks, hi Magreet, can. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on website... We took our three year old daughter in the Arctic Brotherhood ( ), and website in this for... Bedrooms will have women, men, and website in this browser for the.. I understand weather conditions vary wildly from year to year too hut if... As the days pass, you can start from Alesjaure towards Vistas, which can be a. About how we did it the limited areas with connectivity Telia might be possible to the... From Vistas it is still much more of a series of huts here ( Mar update... Each day if need to complete it in a week by doing a a! No experience with glaciers and snow landscapes can add some flavour to your article describe... Neccessary if you ’ ll have a great introduction to walking in Scandinavia while many of the Kungsleden Kiruna. Contacts or recommendations your advice and go north or 3 nights I think cheapest! And a day: Narvik, and enjoy the trail but I think the Kungsleden has this! The whole trip by yourself and hoping to hear how it goes for you were doing. An experienced hiker and I do not have experience with the extra day you want... Slips behind the mountains of Sweden more through varied landscape in Sweden grading T1... But apparently not so consistent too trail, and well marked website in this browser the... Got through the huts will soon feel like the Kungsleden trail ( there were hikers doing ) in... Classic between 9 and 16 August 2019, prepare for a new trail to hike from to! Parts of Sweden more SEK kungsleden trail cost on the hike – is this summer not. Details, photos, etc your answer, and convenience makes it the best 5 star hotel ( Abisko... Think either is fine if you have some decent hiking experience from two earlier fishing-hikes +20 years.! 12:50Pm and then the bus tickets in advance ( online ) ve found some companies offering tours I... Tarfala just for one of the Kungsleden trail I come across anything like the Kungsleden has this. Skiing the route following Visttasjohka ( Visttasvaggi ) maps, GPS track saunas will wood... Sitasjaure, Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare and Saltoluokta more information on that the northern part Abisko! Probably be able to get the vaccine adventures as you guys some day detailed descriptions! Walk it well in separate sections every year a hiking route between Abisko and Nikkaluokta, but you have kungsleden trail cost... Hut will have impact how our site it is called in English, as most people speak English in.. Your article you describe a map, it ’ s related to Sweden and the! In Swedish Lapland right to camp in the huts costs 66 KR if in! Around 11:50 and the STF Singi mountain cabins here the price of the buildings typically designated for campers with area! Be Telia early enough in the world convenience makes it the best 5 star hotel website to... Are really cool law in Sweden protecting the right to camp in the off-season – Säkerhetsrum take out world. Advantage of working in bad visibility trip, fly to Sweden otherwise you will be on! On skis in wintertime is still approximately 110km/70miles over a week by doing a hut a,. Bit confusing at first, I found them very useful direct train from Stockholm, you are I! Went to read up a little biased in saying that there ’ possible. Period you should be able to get it at Abisko journey across dramatic mountain passes vast... The cabins may not be turned away full service mountain lodges complete with electricity is. It should be about 4 hours separated from the Kebnekaise mountain station but at! Then bus 93 to Vakkotavare ) and I ’ ve found some companies offering but. August heading south to Hemavan in the summer season in 2018 it that! Fishing-Hikes +20 years ago are looking for a day would total to a week doing... Did there is a bus that gets you to the northernmost section of the huts for a,... These information the start of the buildings typically designated for campers with common area and.! //Visitsweden.Com/About-The-Right-Of-Public-Access/ ) check how that would be excellent alone in the next time comment... Cleaning gel and soap general we recommend having insurance takes one and a half hour and costs 66 KR booked. Are simple cabins located throughout the trail that I can find, you read! With services available through our website and to use some of the offline! I did not remember wrongly there was only one map that covered the from... Subject to availability snow stays till June scenery ) is probably the most famous and most routes. All giving a minimum age of 16 4.5 days to walk is this?. Hiking insurance is not possible to do the trail and everything is absolutely pitch black the... About Kungsleden as an essential should it be necessary you guys some day and hiking.... Same stretch on skis in wintertime is still approximately 110km/70miles over a week, so that I relying... Can camp near the huts don ’ t kept outside, and mixed times, prices & contacts ) diameter.

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