garmin cannondale wheel sensor

garmin cannondale wheel sensor

HARDIE – Scottish form of HARDY. MACCALLUM – From Gaelic Mac Coluim meaning “son of COLUMBA”. PAYNE – Means “villager, rustic” and later “heathen” from Middle English Payn, Old French Paien which was often given to children whose baptism had been postponed or adults whose religious zeal was lacking. The surname McIntosh comes from the Gaelic name Mac an Toisich, which means “son of the chief, leader, or thane.” Members of this distinguished Pictish family were originally found in Moray. MELVIN – Variant of MELVILLE Find out more about your Scottish surname from this list of Scottish surnames from Acheson to Woods. MACLEAN – Variant of MCLAIN RAMSAY – Variant of RAMSEY. GRIEVE – Occupational name meaning “farm manager” in Middle English. CAMERON – Means “crooked nose” from Gaelic cam “crooked” and sròn “nose”. MACEALAIR – Gaelic form of MCKELLAR MCKINLEY – Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Fhionnlaigh meaning “son of FIONNLAGH”. “Aodh” meaning “Fire”, originally the name of a pagan god. HOLLIE f English Variant of … MCFEE – Anglicized form of MAC DUIBHSHÍTHE GRIER – Derived from the given name GREGOR. MACQUEEN – Anglicized form of MACSHUIBHNE. DRUMMOND – From a place name meaning “ridge” in Gaelic. CARSON – Meaning unknown, possibly from a place name. KELLY – From a Scottish place name derived from coille “grove”. MACIOMHAIR – Gaelic form of MCIVER STRUDWICK – Originally a name for a person from Strudwick, England. 10 jokes only the Scottish will understand. MURRAY – Derived from the region in Scotland called Moray meaning “seaboard settlement”. MAC AN TSAOIR – Gaelic form of MCINTYRE. GRIER m Scottish, English (Rare) ... From a surname that was originally derived from a place name meaning "deep valley" in Old English. CROFT – From an Old English term that referred to a small pasture near a house. HUME  – Variant of HOLME. MCCLELLAN – Variant of MCCLELLAND MCLEOD – From Gaelic Mac Leòid meaning “son of Leod”, a given name derived from Old Norse ljótr “ugly”. MATHESON – Means “son of MATTHEW”. //

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