piccolo fused with nail

piccolo fused with nail

If we assume Namek has 900 Namekians, then Piccolo would become 9,000x stronger at max assuming Piccolo + Nail was a 10x multiplier. The Piccolo that lost against Goku had a PL of 260 but he spit out an egg and Piccolo hatched and trained since his loss. Strike ATK 110,699 . When Piccolo arrives, he finds a battle in progress between Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta (who had rebelled against Frieza), with Dende supporting them, against Frieza. Overview. Look at Piccolo and Nail, for example, where Nail wasn't any higher than 42,000 and Piccolo, while strong, was likely only in the low ten thousands at best as well. Answer Save. Namekian fusion is never a matter of simple addition or anything of the sorts. Name Review Subject Required. Piccolo(fused with Nail) or Vegeta? Hoping to aid Piccolo's fight against the tyrant, Nail allows Piccolo to fuse with him to be as he once was with Kami. Tranquil Fury, Sep 10, 2011. in the frieza saga. Merging however brought them to a power to rival Freeza's second form, a level exceeding one million. Piccolo reveals to Goku that once Namekians fuse together, there is no going back. Messages: 3,198 Likes Received: 0 Max. Write a Review Write a Review. SKU: DBSTB3-053SR UPC: MPN: 0 Availability: 0. Overview. This is evident in Lord Slug and Cooler's Revenge. Tranquil Fury, Sep 10, 2011 #23. Consider that Piccolo brings a lot of unique training and experience to that fusion, and that if Nail really was the result of 2 fused Namekians, then Piccolo and Nail is actually the fusion of 3 Namekians. This greatly improves Piccolo's power level, but doesn't seem to have much effect on his persona or influence on the Dragon Balls. Before Piccolo can think of a good retort, he is fused with Nail. I think that the odds are that it would actually benefit Piccolo greatly, though not near the extent Nail’s fusion did. Too much is unknown about Namekian Fusion. I like the music at the dramatic part where piccolo fuses with Nail so does anyone know the song's name or episode number He and Nail (42,000) were able to fight evenly with Freeza (1,000,000), so the fusion resulted in an increase of (A+B)x21. With Kami's energy, Piccolo was able to go toe-to-toe with Android 17 and Cell in his Imperfect form. Nail insinuated Piccolo was stronger than himself (42,000), so I have him below Ginyu, I think he would be like 100,000. Relevance. +2 to own substitution count when activated. That's incredible significant. Herekic. Strike DEF 86,091 . So yes, Nail is still fused with Piccolo. SSMajinVegeta2 posted... @ssgvegeto Thanks man! Unique … I. f Piccolo fused with Kami instead of Nail then, I highly doubt they would have strong enough to win against Frieza. - Jul 13, 16; Was Piccolo fused with Nail in M4? Since he fused with Nail, he has been in Piccolo's head and probably telling him snappy remarks he can use on his enemies. Super Warrior, Regeneration, Merging, Legends Road, Namekian, Unknown, SPARKING, Support Type, YEL, Cell Saga (Z), Piccolo. - Sep 6, 17; how strong would be piccolo if he fused with kami during saiyan saga? Theoretically, Piccolo might have been able to split into separate beings again as he had when he became Piccolo Daimao & Kami in the past. Piccolo (Pre-Nail fusion) vs Krillin (during Freeza fight) User Info: Vegeta1000. Sort of why Piccolo worried that his personality would have been changed with the fusion, but Nail said that doesn't happen. Overview. HP 1,898,789. Piccolo: Fused with Nail (Red, Hero) is a unit in Dragon Ball Legends. Comments Required. Nail was the most powerful warrior on his planet, but even he was no match for Frieza. Could have done very little to Piccolo or vastly improved him. Piccolo received another massive upgrade in the Cell Saga when Kami fused with Piccolo to become one being again. Legends Rising. He is designed to counter a specific Tag that, while once Meta relevant, has fallen from upper echelon to outlier fringe play. 0.95$ AUD. So, doing the math, if Piccolo and Kami had decided to fuse with the remaining Namekians (85 Dragon Clan, 13 Warrior Clan- yes I know some are dead because of Vegeta, let's pretend they're back). Art Cards Main Information Rarity Element Type Defense Statistics Name Min. Piccolo is taken aback by the fusion, to the extent that he starts chanting triumphantly. TB3-053SR Piccolo, Fused with Nail. ssgvegeto (Topic Creator) 3 years ago #11. I need to watch that whole fight I watched all of Dragon Ball in a matter of 2 weeks or so during the … Rating Required. Element Type Defense Statistics Name Min. Piccolo dominates the battle against Imperfect Cell. Latest Content. However, even then, he would not split into Piccolo & Nail. Fused with Kami Piccolo (DBL05-05S) Character Card Details. Piccolo, Fused with Nail (SPR) Clash of Fates Rarity: Special Rare Number: TB3-053_SPR Description: [Double Strike] [Activate: Main] [Once per turn] Choose one- • This card gets +3000 power for the duration of the turn for each "Namekian" card under this card. Meta Shift: Goku & Cooler Meta Shift: SSJ3 Goku Top Super Saiyan Team Top Universe Survival Team Meta Shift: Bergamo, Basil, Lavender So the multiplier of the fusion between Nail and Piccolo was probably exceptional. What if Piccolo fused with Kami on King Kai's than Nail? TB3-053SR Piccolo, Fused with Nail. Main AbilityAn Equal FightCancels allies' Abnormal Conditions.Requirements: 5 timer counts must elapse.Unique AbilitiesCover: Sustained Damage CUTReduces damage received by 30% until combo ends when changing cover. Piccolo whose post 1,200 fused with Nail that then had 3 years to improve and fuse with Kami rivalled 17 who was above post Namek SSJs easily. At most, one half of this fission might have more traits in common with Nail than the other. Known for his heroic efforts against Frieza shortly after merging with Nail, EX Nail Piccolo YEL makes his presence felt as a Defensive Fighter with the invaluable Cover Unique Ability, allowing him to save his Teammates from impending doom--similar to his role in the anime. Blast DEF 127,851 . Then by your calculations Piccolo's power should have gone up to 42,000 X 100,000 = 4,200,000,000 (Edit: not trying to be a smartass, just trying to understand, because as far as I know, fusing is just addition) . I know even a 2x increase is huge in DB but that seems too low. This depends on how strong you think Piccolo was before merging with Nail. Tags Super Warrior - Regeneration - Merging: Episode Frieza Saga (Z) Acquisition Ultra Space-Time Summon 1. Health 18,800 1,900,000 Physical Attack History Talk (0) Comments Share. Blast ATK 146,116 . Nail in fact had 42,000, and Piccolo at most 100,000 or 200,000. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. Namekian fusion is supposed to be permanent. HE Fused with Nail Piccolo (Red) Stats. "The Birth of the Strongest Warrior?! Does piccolo have a chance? 5 Answers. As of Episode 40, Kami fused with Piccolo in order to defeat the androids 17 & 18 and now has both Kami and Nail … After struggling to be useful on the field due to him lacking enough power to compete with his enemies, Piccolo strikes back after fusing with Kami, ready to help his allies thanks to his all new capabilities. SP Kami Piccolo BLU is a Ranged Fighter complete with double Blast cards and a toolkit that Buffs Blast Attacks. EX Fused with Nail Piccolo (Yellow) EX Krillin (Red) EX Yamcha (Green) HE Saibaman (Purple) SP Demon King Piccolo (Yellow) EX 1st Form Cell (Yellow) HE 1st Form Cell (Purple) EX Demon King Piccolo (Purple) SP Fused with Kami Piccolo (Blue) EX … Fused with Kami Piccolo (DBL-EVT-09S) Character Card Details. amantra. Nail and Piccolo Merge") is the third episode of the Frieza Saga and the seventy-seventh overall episode in the uncut version of the Dragon Ball Z series. or make 4 interest-free payments of $0.24 AUD fortnightly with More info. who wins? Having Nail's power gave Piccolo the edge he needed to help Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta against Frieza. "The Fusion" (最さい強きょう戦せん士しの誕たん生じょうか!?ネイルとピッコロが合がっ体たい, Saikyō Senshi no Tanjō ka!? Requirements: 10 timer counts must elapse. Piccolo (Fused with Nail) (HE) Edit. Max. If we go by the theory that Piccolo was actually around 25,000 Power Level before fusion and become 1,000,000 after it, then Piccolo becomes a maximum of 40x stronger. Neiru to Pikkoro ga Gattai, lit. [What If] Piccolo Fused with All Namekians; User Info: ssgvegeto. Piccolo is instructed to put his hand on Nail, but after being told to go lower down on him, Piccolo is informed that "if we had junk, you'd be gay right now". Piccolo doesnt get the chance to fuse with nail and he insists on fighting the ginyus alone, ginyu cant body change. Piccolo fused with nail and trained years after Frieza was gone and then fused with kami. Piccolo is the single most powerful Namekian in the entire universe, having had this title since even before his fusion with Nail.He proved himself to be a formidable foe during the conflicts with the Saiyans, and later when he fought Frieza to a standstill in the latter's second transformation. Health 1 1 Physical Attack 1 1 Blast Attack 1 1 Physical Defense 1 1 Blast Defense 1 1 Critical 1 1 Ki Restore Speed 1 1 Equipment Slots 1 3 Resistances Slash Stab Shock Explosion 1 1 1 1 Main Ability: "Warrior-Type Namekian" Restores ally health by 20% and cures Abnormal Conditions. Piccolo (fused with Nail) takes on Frieza in his second form. Vegeta1000 7 years ago #1.

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